Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 54: Bigger or Better

Every Wednesday in the month of July my youth group, Connections, is doing some sort of fun activity or event. Tonight I had thought to do a Scavenger Hunt like I did last year. But that was a lot of work to plan. And I have been a bit busy lately. (More about that in another post.) And then I remembered a game I played when I was in youth group. A loooooong tiiiiiime agoooooo. It's called "Bigger or Better". Have you played it before? It's really fun!

I split everyone into teams. And then I gave everyone a button. (You can start out with anything you want. I don't even remember what, if anything, we started out with a loooooong tiiiiiiime agoooooo.) Then we all went out to different neighborhoods & started knocking on doors. We traded our button, to a willing neighbor, for something BIGGER or better. They kept the button. We kept whatever they gave us. And then we kept knocking on doors, trying to keep trading our items to get even BIGGER & better things. We only had about 45 minutes to do this. My team hit about 10 houses & exchanged 6 things. Here are photos documenting my teams findings which, indeed, got BIGGER & better. Who knows what BIGGER & better things we could have gotten if we only had an extra hour!!...

One man jokingly offered his baby with freshly soiled diaper. Two men offered their pet dogs, but the wives said, "NO!". We watched television with one gentelman while his wife went downstairs to find something for us to trade. And a few peeps we caught off guard.
We returned back to base to compare our items. We were pretty confident with our sweet Pictureka! Flipper Game that had all the pieces & was hardly played at all. But then we saw another team with an acoustic guitar! **We found out later it was broken. Though still awesome, the value, in our minds, had significantly decreased. OUR game had ALL the pieces!!!** My friend Jaime was standing by the road, strumming that stringed instrument with all the pride & arrogance in the world. But then his heart sank as he saw another team walking toward him....with a GOAT!!! A button for a goat? I couldn't stop laughing.

In the end, Buttercup the goat was given back to its owner. So, technically that team didn't play by the rules & thus didn't win. (You have to KEEP what was given. No loaners. No takebacks. You hear me?!) It was the most bizarre thing I've ever been a part of in a long time. I'm sure it was for Buttercup too. Jaime resumed his rightful arrogant stance, & plucked a few out-of-tune chords. After eating ice cream fudge bars, we all went home. The girls & I played a few rounds of the Pictureka! Flipper Game before bed & pretty much decided we got the winning prize. 
(I mean, ALL the pieces? Come on!)

Thanks to the community for helping us out, welcoming some of us into your homes, & being willing to accept such strange items in return for even stranger ones. You are much appreciated.


  1. A goat???? Love it! That there is a great memory! :)

  2. I'll HAVE to remember this one! And can I just say I love how committed you are to your "jumpy" thing in pictures? No one is really paying you no mind. "Oh, yeah, that's her thing" ;-D

  3. Haha! The Mr. was taking pictures & even HE said, "Hey everyone, jump on the count of 3!" Well, he just doesn't know how hard it is to get a big group of people to jump. We tried, but no one launched off the ground very well. So, I kept jumping anyway. It's one of my favorite pics of the night. (Besides the goat.)

  4. That is so fun. I love that game - haven't played it since I was little, but I'm thinking I might play it at my next birthday party or something.


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