Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 57: Jammin'

I love to sing & play the piano. I'm not awesome. 
But I love doing it.
I used to be on the worship team at church, but long story short: it wasn't my passion to lead a team of uncommitted peoples with conflicts in schedules one week, someone forgetting to show up for practice the next, no excitement all around, & etc. So it all ended. And there the drum set sits every week, collecting dust. I simply lead because nobody else had stepped up. But I decided it was OK for me to step down. I've stumbled through these last few years & realized I'm more happy being in the background & not the front man. Someday I hope to be part of a worship crew, but not leading it. I wish I had that "gift". But I don't.  

Since no worship band has been in existence for some time, we've been singing what I call "Christian Karaoke" every week: A video plays on the big screen with words to sing along with. I hate it. But not enough to jump back on that keyboard. .

Since announcing our resignation last Sunday, the Mr. & I thought it would be kinda special to do live worship the last few weeks we are here. For fun, the girls joined me tonight while I practiced. Pazely on the drums. Zoey on the mic & tambourine.
We rocked it with our bad selves.

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