Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 58: Day of Rest

I believe this is the 2nd time this summer that I have taken a break from being entertainment for my girls, from planning a particular "fun thing", from being the master of ceremonies during school break. 
And I'm ok with that. Really.
I didn't even pack one single box today. Technically. But I did empty the last giant drawer in my art studio, stuffed with scraps of decorative papers & bits of paper ephemera. 
After church the Mr. & I showed a potential new pastor & his family around the church building & our home (which would be their home). Then our little fam had a late lunch down at the local {& only} burger joint. 
I dropped the girls off at the community pool for a swim on this hot (over 100 degree) day. At home the Mr. napped & I reclined on the couch to watch a movie.
In the evening we had friends over for pizza. The kids played downstairs. I'm not even sure what they found to play with since all the playroom things are packed away. It's looking so empty down there. (Which is exciting because it means I'm making progress.) 
Later I snuck out for a bit of shooting with my Susan friend. When it became too dark to shoot anymore, we headed home. The girls had played at the lakes while I was shooting & they were completely dirty in their swimsuits. They had roasted Starburst candies over the campfire & exclaimed they tasted just like Skittles.
The night ended with showers.
And bedtime kisses.


  1. Oh, I love how your day ended!


  2. PERHAPS your girlies need to make a commercial for Skittles. Their slogan can be "Skittles: Taste the Campfire." ;0)


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