Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 60: Cardboard Cubes

No, this is not a crafty how-to. Or even a fun activity involving cardboard boxes. (I hate to disappoint my fans of the Summer Fun Diary.)
This is me being consumed by packing.
All my crafty supplies are packed. So my resources are extremely limited. 
I move in 12 days. That just hit me. WHOA. It's coming so quickly.
And soon, UNpacking will consume me.
Please forgive me for not being so creative these last few days. And forgive me in advance for the same.
But if you come over & help me pack, I promise that we could blast the tunes & have hot yummy drinks together while dancing through the naked hallways & bare rooms. K?


  1. I wish I could send you Cinderella's birds to pack and sing to you! You are one of the most CONSTANT creative Mama's on the block-you've earned a break. Prayers for a swift move! Praying you fill endued with His grace and mercy!

  2. Holy smokes, I haven't been here in two weeks and I see you are moving again! Oh my gosh, good luck...must read back to see the story!


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