Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 59: Yarn Bombing

Haven't done this in a while. My Monday night shift at the newspaper is the only time Susan & I have attacked this pole. It's right outside of our work. And, as you've heard me say before: right across from the police station. (HA!) 
At my desk last night I finished the last few rows. Susan & I took a break outside to attach the top two knitted pieces. And guess what? We got caught!!!! At 11:30 in the evening the city manager strolled up & said, "I've caught you red handed!!"
Then he said, "I haven't seen a new 'scarf' up there in a while. It must take a while to make this & then stitch them up there."
(You mean, you're not going to drag us across the street & put us in the slammer?)
As he walked away he said, "Just make sure when you're done you wash your hands."

We've been yarn bombing that pole for the last year. And over time the knitted pieces have faded & gotten quite dirty. We were thinking of cutting the dirtiest & most faded of the bunch off, but then we realized that if we flipped the pieces wrong-side-out, they were as BRIGHT & CLEAN as new!! Of course, you miss out on some of the pretty stitch detail. But it saved us a few months of having to change them out completely.


  1. HAAAA. Someone did a bit of grafiti ON our police station (using a translucent color so you can only see if the sun is shining at the right angle). I love yarn bombing and have thought of doing one of the poles on main street. I bet it feels good to have an accomplice......

    Have you thought of making black and white scarves then DOING the police station?!?


  2. Hi,

    Thats such a lovely thing to do! Good thing you didnt get put in the slammer! haha! I wonder how many people look for new scarfs on the post or notice them and smile? Brilliant!

    Jerra x

  3. I have had a couple people tell me that when they drive by it makes them smile. And then that makes *me* smile!
    I love having an accomplice, for sure!!

    Oh my gosh!!:::black & white scarves on the police station! HILARIOUS! I don't think I would be brave enough though.


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