Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 61: Relay Madness

You've heard me talk about how my youth group has been doing something fun every Wednesday in the months of June & July. Well, last night was our final activity. My friends Javier & Dallas planned the hour-long event. I secretly wished I didn't have to take pictures so I could play too!

First the group was broken up into teams. Each team got a roll of crepe paper in a specific color & wrapped it on their arm/neck/leg/wherever/etc. to distinguish themselves from the other teams. (You can use ribbon/string/etc.) And then the games began!!

 The first person in each team was handed a paper plate & a rubber bouncy ball. Simply hold the plate up above your shoulder like a waiter (the Mr. is cheating in the photo above. tsk. tsk.) &, with the ball on the plate, run as fast as you can from one designated point back to the starting line. (We had 2 trees marked. One was the starting point. One was the next point. You can see we wrapped crepe paper around the trees so everyone could see it. Everyone had to go around the tree & come back.) Once the person got back to the starting line, they passed the plate & ball to the next person. Everyone on the team had to complete the Wacky Waiter relay. First team done was the winner.

This next game was a collection of 5 relays.
The teams needed to decide who, on their team, would complete the following tasks:
FIRST: 3-legged race. (Two people. All of these relays were raced around the tree & back.)
SECOND: Piggy-back ride. (Two people.)
THIRD: Leap Frog (Two people.)
FOURTH: Crab Walk (One person.)
FIFTH: Wheel Barrow Race (Two people.)

These relays were all completed back-to-back. Once one team got back to the starting line, the next team raced away on the next relay, & etc.
(Not photographed: the 3-legged race & the crab walk.)

I don't know what this game is really called, but that's what I called it. Each team formed a line in front of a bucket filled with water balloons. (We had 30 balloons in each bucket.) At, "GO!", the first person grabs a water balloon & runs to a designated area where there are tarps on the ground covered with water & slippery dish soap. The object was to place the balloon on the tarp, sit on it & smash it with your bum! Once you smashed it, you ran back to your team & then the next person did the same thing. (And so on.) Whoever smashed all their balloons first was the winner. It was HILARIOUS!!

 This race was quite funny. A team of 5 forms a chariot, like so:
The front two people lock arms & stand up straight.
The second two people stand behind the two front people, wrapping their arms around the front people's waist & bending down with their heads at the front people's lower back. That's the chariot.
The fifth person straddles the backs of the two back people & holds tight!
On "GO!" the teams raced around the tree & back to the starting point. There were chariot-type traffic jams all over the place. Chariot riders were falling off, there was squealing & giggling. It was great! The teams MUST stay connected through the entire race.
First team back to the starting line is the winner.

Points were given to each team during each relay race & game. On this next {& final} game, the winning team got to do the "drip-drip-dropping". I have never played this game, but read about it. It's like Duck-Duck-Goose, but with a twist. The person that normally walks around the circle, tapping each person's head, saying "!!!" actually holds a bucket of water in this game. And instead of tapping each person's head & saying, "Duck..." they actually drip a little water on every person's head & say, "Drip...drip....drip.....drip....." Then, when they find their desired target, they say, "DROP!" & then drop the whole bucket of water on that person's head.

Then they take off running as usual in the Duck-Duck-Goose game, around the circle, & try to get back to the empty spot in the circle before being tagged by the person chasing them.
It's a great game to play on a hot day!

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