Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 62: My Town

I decided, since we're moving to North Platte, that the girls & I could investigate some of the history of our {soon to be} new town. Recently someone showed me a video about North Platte that I thought was quite cool. It described a group of ladies in the 1940's who greeted soldiers on trains that came through North Platte, with cookies & cakes & sandwiches, etc. (Sometimes they greeted 32 trains a day!) I kept thinking, "Wow! That is the ULTIMATE in "Random Acts of Kindess"". I love that this is a part of the history of where we're headed. It just makes me feel all warm & giddy inside.

The girls sat quietly through the 6 minute video, & then we jumped on the dessert theme & spent lots of time in the kitchen attempting to make a brownie cookie sandwich filled with salted caramel creme filling. 

I made caramel for the first time ever in my life. Though my first batch was a dud, the second was a success.
HERE is the recipe I followed. The brownie cookie sandwich recipe (which is from the same site) is found HERE.
Pazely stayed to help me through the whole caramel-making process. When the liquid starting bubbling wildly (as the directions said it should), she kept saying, "Are you sure this is a good idea mom??"
And, as you can see in the photo, she thought it stunk. Until it was real caramel of course.

The creme filling came out yummy. Though mostly it tastes like butter.
The cookies are good, but mine didn't come out all puffy like the recipe said they would. The batter was very thin & the cookies came out flat. The hubby still ate 5 in one sitting though.

We can't wait to explore our new town, once we finally move. (10 more days!)

*Photo at the top found on THIS website.

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