Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 63: Battleship

After work yesterday, I came home, picked up the littles, went to the library on our usual Friday trip, made a stop at the pharmacy for swimming ear plugs (the littlest little has an outer ear infection) sped through the drive-thru at the bank, hopped over to the grocery store where we all picked out our favorite frozen TV dinners & soda pops,  & then came home {again}. 
After getting settled {i.e. flipping shoes off feet, plopping on the couch, & sneaking a piece of homemade caramel}, Zoey asked if I wanted to play Battleship. Well, all the boardgames downstairs have been packed away for the move, so I hated to disappoint her.
On Day 11 of our Summer Diary, you might recall some printable road trip games I shared. Well, Zoey had some of the pages leftover in her bedroom: & one of them was Battleship. We had QUITE a fun time playing! I was surprised how much fun paper battleship could be. 
While we sat at the dining table, it started storming outside. Perfect rainy day weather game.
Click HERE to print your own Battleship game.

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