Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 64: Date Night

We left our children in the care of a trusty sitter & hit the road for a much needed date.
All this packing & stuff can just wait.
The not fun part was driving in 102 degree weather in a car without air conditioning. After arriving at an antique shop that I've been wanting to peruse, but finding that the business hours posted on the door were different than the ones I found online, we decided instead to toodle around the mall & quickly found refreshing drinks. Then I spotted things in shops that Zoey might want for her upcoming birthday. I challenged the Mr. to a Skee Ball competition at the arcade, but his need for a haircut took precedence. A haircut on a date night? Whatevs. I think he was skeered he'd lose. So, I figure I automatically won by default, right?
And I know what you're thinking: a haircut on a date night? I really have nothing to say.
Later we did one of my favorite things: walked around Target! I LOVE walking around Target. And it was kinda especially fun because we were walking up & down the aisles pointing out things we might need in the near future & planning how we'd set up our new house. 
A movie at the theater followed, & then a late {11 PM} supper out at Shari's. Big Breakfast Platter, come to mama!
The weather had cooled down 30 degrees for our drive home. {Phew!} When we walked into our house it looked like the girls' toys had thrown up all over the living room floor. A good time was obviously had.
I baked cupcakes at nearly midnight for a church carry-in the next day, & headed to bed for a read before falling asleep.
Though nothing fancy, quality time with the Mr. is just what the barber doctor ordered.

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  1. I love visiting Target andother such huge stores. I love looking at al the new products. A day out to IKEA is my date with myself!


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