Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 65: Sunday Speculations

The fam & I enjoyed a lovely carry-in after church today. There was no big hullabaloo about what it was for (which was a bit odd), but it really was for our soon parting. Our church family even had a cake made with our family picture on it. My contribution to the feast were homemade chocolate cupcakes shmeared with the leftover salted caramel frosting I made for the brownie cookie sandwiches earlier in the week. And every last one of the cupcakes were eaten.

My friend Susan came over in the afternoon for some knitting & a visit. We chilled out downstairs on the couch, surrounded by packed boxes. A pumpkin candle flickered & Pandora blasted our favorite mellow tunes. I grabbed a spoonful of homemade caramel for each of us to sample. Can't get enough of that stuff! I taught her the bobble stitch while we talked of an upcoming project we're working on later this week. I'm excited to spend ALL DAY Thursday with that lady. Our final adventure before parting. (But we plan on continuing our adventures even after I move away. So it's not complete sadness & mourning.)

In the evening, Susan grabbed her Mr. & I grabbed the fam & we all went out for a final round of shooting & target practice before we leave.
Afterwards we grilled sausages on the bbq & played UNO.
It is odd to think that we have one more week left.
Summer is winding down quickly. The girls start school just 11 days after we move. 
My final days of summer are full of big change. And while I'd much rather be in my creative space, or building memories with the littles, I'm packing boxes & praying away stress. I'm balancing every emotion, trying not to let the heaviness in my gut consume me. Though I'm excited about the future & anticipating great things, the change still leaves me a bit unsettled. 
I'm sort of pushing down the feelings. Just trying to put myself on auto-pilot to get done what needs done. When the necessary is complete, then the ugly cries can come.

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  1. i think you need another carmel spoon-and a hug sending prayers your way.


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