Monday, July 2, 2012

Week in Review: June 25-July 1

Last week I... to watch the girls at swim lessons for "Fun Day Monday".
...took a spontaneous trip to North Platte & got SOAKED!
...finished reading Pride & Prejudice!! duped in THIS "Back to the Future" hoax. (The real date is Oct. 21, 2015.) to the kids at the Broadwater Library Summer Reading Program. (Zoey did too!)
...created some messy food games for the youth group's "Snack Wars".
...took the girls for pedi's & mani's.
...made lumpy mashed potatoes.
...made a paper chain.
...wrapped birthday prezzies for my {now} 8 year old.
...set up a tent in the dining room as a surprise for the birthday girl.
...drank numerous glasses of iced mochas.
...made cupcakes.
...ate cupcakes.
...took a drive in the rain.
...watched Brave. (Loved the Pixar short before the movie too!)
...ate more cupcakes.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.
And click HERE for the previous Week in Review. (Ooops. I forgot.)

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  1. Hi! I am so desperate to watch brave, but it's not quite out here in the uk yet, or if it is, it's not quite arrived at our local theatre yet! Sounds like your little one had a lovely birthday! looking forward to another post x


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