Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stop Motion: the unboxing version

On the girls' first day of school, I totally indulged in one thing: the license to do as I wanted. I originally thought I'd get a big jump on unpacking the art studio, the last room in the house to rid of boxes. But then I spied another box: a delivery that had arrived the day before. In a general sense, I knew what was inside the box: crafty supplies from EK Tools. But WHAT crafty supplies exactly? I had no clue. 

The concept is simple: as part of a campaign with EK Tools, I get sent a box of their stuff, make something using their stuff, & then blog about it–complete with tutorial. Earlier this year I learned about "unboxing videos". Basically, a video showing off the mysterious contents of your box. It took EVERYTHING within me not to rip the box open upon receiving it. But I knew I wanted to make a video & I knew I had to wait until I had good lighting. So I spent all day, on the girls' first day of school, making & editing the video you see here. (Up until 3 am the next morning!) 

I am totally an amateur & novice when it comes to all this video-making stuff. Finding music for the video was a real challenge. I listened to oodles of tunes. (There are some real creepy sound bites out there.) I love the process of making stop motion videos. As I stumble around & learn on my own, I hope to get better & better & better.

Sure, I should be unpacking. But this was way more fun. And it fed me creatively. Which is kinda more important right now.
So, please, set aside 5 minutes & 26 seconds in your day & enjoy!

And if you missed my last stop motion video, a goodbye gift from Susan & I to each other, click HERE.
Have a happy weekend!


  1. Super cool! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  2. Nikki!!!!!!!! The video is outstanding....truly genius! It delighted me & enticed me to purchase several of the items ;) I can see that it must have been very time consuming - loved every detail. BRAVO!!!!!!

  3. This was a lot of fun to watch, even though I was envious of the freebies you got - am looking forward to what you create with your new goodies!

    Oh, wanted to add that after watching this I watched the video you'd made with Susan since I hadn't seen it yet - awesome job, I truly loved it! I drove through your region once, so I recognized the rock formation (though I don't recall its name now) and the old motel. And the song was fantastic as well. Thanks for sharing. You are very talented!

  4. Hi aimee!
    Glad you liked the videos! I had oodles of fun making them!
    The rock formation is Chimney Rock, & it's actually on the Nebraska State quarter! Kind of a fun little fact. :0)

    I'm looking forward to seeing what I create with the goodies too. haha! At this point I have no clue.


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