Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Diary: 71: Packin' it up

This was day #1 of packing & cleaning. By the end of the day I was exhausted. It was odd to see the moving truck in front of our house. I felt like it hit me, "This is actually really happening." The littles had to sleep on the floor since their mattresses got packed. Pazely pretty much hated that. She threw a very vocal tantrum. I felt so awful for her. I realize that major things like packing your life inside boxes & relocating your family to brand new surroundings affects the kidlets too. I just can't wait to get to our new home & get Zoey & Pazely's little spaces set up as quickly as possible. 
The funny thing {or not} is that we've never seen the inside of the church parsonage we're moving into. 
It was so sad having to wrap up the couch & load it on the van today. That couch is my most favorite comfy spot in all the house. I have a feeling these next two days aren't going to be full of much comfy anyway.


  1. Hugs and prayers for your family as you transition!! You all are so brave.

  2. Ahhh, Hugs to you. It will be an adjustment for the littles. But, a fun adventure! :)

  3. Moving, well, it just stinks! The new adventure you are embarking on, however, I am certain will bring your family great blessings...

  4. It's hard to move, but a new adventure... I love adventures.

  5. Hope that your move goes well. A few tough days will lead to a new adventure for your girls and you! Good luck.


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