Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 70: Geocaching

 After my last day of work today, the Susan friend & I took off to retrieve the girls from swimming, head home for a quick change, & get in some geocaching before night fell. 

One particular spot we found was a location that I had previously gone to with Susan & our other friend Sarah a couple summers ago. The cache even still contained the prize I deposited. (A handmade pinback button made with a vintage stamp & a page from a book.)

I love these modern day treasure hunts. Can you spot the hidden cache in the next photo?

We tracked through grasses & brush & pokey little pickers. We even came to a dead end. We seriously arrived at the back of a school during one hunt, then squeezed behind old lockers into a secluded corner of a brick building which housed piles of dirty leaves, a broken mini refrigerator & a giant mousetrap. (It helps if you enter the coordinates into your GPS correctly. Oops.)

 It was important to me that the girls got in some fun with their friend Susan too, before our move. 
I was just glad they let me come along.


  1. I love Geocaching. We haven't been because of babies, but now my babies are 8 and 6! Sounds like a good time to get back out there!!

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