Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 72: Praying & Scrubbing

Sunday was a big day. A huge day.
Firstly, it was our last Sunday at New Life. The Mr. preached his final sermon there. And I led worship one last time. At the end of service, our church family prayed for us. Surrounded by warm hands, they sent us off with petitions of protection & a future full of reward.
I wept a tiny bit. {Said the girl who likes to hide her sad emotions.} But that was just the beginning.
At home, we ate a quick lunch with friends. The last meal cooked in this kitchen: tater tot casserole. 
Shortly after lunch, a crew of more friends helped to load boxes onto the moving truck, while I scrubbed & cleaned & wiped & polished. 
In the upstairs bathroom lives a tub that has always caused me woes on weekly cleaning day. It is impossible to get spotless. I am convinced t is cursed to be stained forever. Little ole me, trying my darndest to clean that awful tub, inhaling bleach based cleaning products, feeling lightheaded & ready to pass out, began to weep. The tub had won. And I was overwhelmed that this was just the beginning of all that needed scoured & disinfected & sanitized. I was all by myself cleaning, needing the support of friends, but they all had one excuse or another why they couldn't be there to help. 
As I found the Mr. in the moving truck, I snuck inside &, through sobs, explained to him my heavy heart. I just wanted him to listen. Suddenly there were a couple friends at the rescue to help. And I was relieved.
By the evening I was exhausted. Mentally drained. Without a puffy purple couch to cuddle into, or a comfy big bed to melt into. 
I have tried to remain focused & determined & numb. Just trying to get through all the packing. 
And now it is all done.
Tomorrow the moving truck will drive away & another chapter begins...

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