Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 74: The Unpacking Olympics

I am seriously in an unpacking race. No, seriously.
The parents & grandmother arrive in 13 days!
And today I made some major headway. The kitchen is done! It felt awesome to not be stumbling & bumbling over boxes. I still can't remember where I put things. But at least I'm not tripping over boxes.
I am making goals every morning. Unpack half of this room & then start another, or hang pictures & do a couple loads of laundry, etc. I always end up going above & beyond my goals anyway. I feel like I'm progressing at an excellent speed. My mind is basically consumed with just that: unpacking.
And sometimes I forget what time it is & sometimes we don't eat dinner until 9 o'clock at night. 
The girls are registered for school & the fam is signed up at the local rec center. The kiddos even enjoyed some pool time this afternoon.
Yikes! I've got to squeeze school supply shopping in here somewhere. The girls will lose one week of summer break as the schools here start earlier than in Bridgeport.
I'm not gonna say I'm terribly sad about that. The munchkins, on the other hand, have their own opinions about the subject.

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