Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 75: Toiling & Foiling

Had a Walmart date with the Mr. today. We've had a friend & his two kids staying with us the past couple days helping us move & unpack & just hanging out. It was awesome to leave the kids in his care & get away for an hour.
On the home-front: the girls' rooms are both unpacked, & most of the pictures are hung on the wall! I cooked my first meal in the kitchen since arriving: foil dinners. There was foil all over the kitchen counters, piled with burger & veggies. I think I made a dozen of them. Some cooked on the grill, some in the oven.
We hurried off to Wednesday night church service where the little kiddos enjoyed some water fun at a park. The Mr. & I observed the youth service. We are anxious to start helping get the youth pumped up & get exciting things happening in their hearts!
P.S. I'm really beginning to love my happy home! I'm anxious to get all the rooms unpacked so I can FINALLY attack my art studio.
And, I'm sorry the "2012 Summer Diary" is a bit of a bore these last few weeks. Amazingly enough, with all this unpacking, unboxing & moving my life around type stuff, I have a couple fun projects buried deep in the back of my tired little noggin. However consumed my summer is with uprooting & rerooting, I promise a few fun ideas in the near future!

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