Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 76: A Break

Yesterday: Pazely's room. Today: the bathrooms.
My life is so exciting these days.

Our friends left this morning. I woke up late & they were still here. Zoey said, "Mom, they said they are going to leave when you wake up. So, can you go back to sleep now?" 

After they left, all was quiet. I really didn't want our company to leave because it meant that I would be alone. 
After an intense day of working on the downstairs family room, (which has a fireplace so I've dubbed it "the fireplace room") the Mr. came home from his work-ish duties. We decided to take the girls out for dinner. And they've also been dying to go to the Dollar Tree (me too!) so we swung by there, where the Mr. dropped we three girls off. We walked up & down every aisle twice. And then I picked up a few nonsense things that I don't REALLY need (like a pink pumice stone & those little cans of heat used for buffets) but it's so fun that everything's a dollar! I've missed you Dollar Tree!

It sounds so silly, but this hour time zone change has me all goofed up. It's much later than it should be, in my opinion. After our tummies were filled & our dollars were spent, we drove around our new little town, checking things out. We stumbled onto Cody Park, where in the summer there are little Kiddie Rides & a few animals & some concessions. We gave the girls a few dollars & they rode an antique horse carousel & the tiniest, most adorable little ferris wheel in all the land. The Mr. & I enjoyed the most amazing (& tallest!) soft-serve cones on the planet. We plan on going back to see the animals & checking things out in the daylight hours at a later date. As we left, there was a statue of a man rather guarded & locked up in what looked like a tiny prison. (They were just bars to protect it.) I googled when I got home & found out it's a life-size statue of  William F. "Wild Bill" Cody. Near here is his 1880s house, barn & outbuildings of the famous "Scout's Rest Ranch". There is a museum as you enter town featuring memorabilia & a mini wild west show. Can't wait to check it all out! 

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