Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 79: Sunday

Wow. I had all these plans to finish unpacking after church. But that didn't happen.
The Mr. preached at our church for the first time since we arrived in North Platte. And it was a really awesome morning! A new guy, who we met only Tuesday & invited to church this morning, was sitting next to me in the front row. He shared with me, before service started, that he hadn't been to a church since 2007 & that he was kind of nervous. Of course I told him not to be nervous. And then I encouraged him by letting him know we were in the same boat: this was my first time at church here too.
And then the coolest thing happened. A healing service broke out. And while God was doing amazing physical mending in people at the front of the church, He was also moving in the hearts of the people in the congregation. I felt so peaceful. That's how God's presence often feels. And then my new friend sitting next to me, who is college age, began to weep. He just wept & sniffled on & on. He asked for prayer toward the end of service. Warm hands surrounded him & we all sent up our own prayers for him. All speaking on his behalf, in one giant mumble it rose to heaven, where God could hear clearly each one. If you've never had a group of people, with sincere hearts that love Jesus, surround you, & touch you with their hands & pray for you, you definitely need to add that to your bucket list. Like my new friend, you may begin to weep, & you may feel, inside yourself, what he described as "calming waters". 

After a lovely Fellowship Dinner to welcome the Mr. & our family, we were home by 3:15. With only a few hours left until evening service, I decided to take a nap. But, oops, my alarm didn't go off! So, I woke up late & almost contemplated not going to church. Especially when I looked in the mirror & saw the mark across my face left by the bed sheets. (Doh!) I decided to just show up late to church anyway, & sit on the right side of the church so nobody would see my nap-face. Problem solved. 

The night ended with half priced apps at Applebee's for dinner & then home for jammies & bedtime. 
Tomorrow will start the routine of waking the girls early & getting them to bed early so they'll get in the routine of school mornings. Which means I'll be rising early too. I have enjoyed the lazy summer days. But I can accept routine & schedule & order.


  1. Wanted to let you know you and the family are frequently in my prayers as you transition to a new place. We are trying to sell our house and get a bigger one and plan on staying in Richland, but it is so stressful. Reading your facebook and blogs of your move has helped me keep things in perspective. Hope you have a good week!
    ~Julie Koeppel

  2. Hi Jules! I saw that you were moving as well. Have fun in your new digs. And thanks so much for your prayers!


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