Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 80: New Friends

Yesterday the girls still had friends over that were visiting from Bridgeport. (Where we moved from a week ago.) But they also had a new friend over. (A little girl they met who happens to go to the same church the Mr. pastors at.) The kids filled the little swimming pool with water & I sprinkled in flower petals, leftover from the dying bouquet my Susan friend sent on our first day of moving in. They were playing "spa/hair salon". While everyone sat poolside, Pazely went around & did everyone's hair. There was even a boy in attendance that got in on the action. Hey, gender should not keep you from enjoying a foot bath with petals floating at your feet & some fancy new hair-do.

Somehow the Mr., accompanied by the father of  two of the visiting little friends, had disappeared all morning & early afternoon. I was the solo keeper of 5 munchkins. Which meant that not a lot of unpacking got done. But a lot of picking-up-after did get done.

There were dress-up contests & dance contests, all the while "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" & "Funky Town" were blaring over the stereo. The kids played "house" & Legos & watched some "Shaun the Sheep", & played American Girl games on the computer. There was lunch served on vintage luncheon plates, & pudding cups for dessert. There was a tea break for mommy, & a side of pumpkin spice cake.
And then there were goodbyes & we felt alone. But it was a good feeling.
With new schedules & such, we have declared Monday night our weekly "Family Night". And on this evening we made taco salad & sat down for a meal together at the dining table, for the first time since moving in. Then we popped over to the {sad little} mall where Zoey begged for a haircut & we finally found a backpack for Pazely. The Mr. promised the girls their first pet before school began: a betta fish. Unfortunately Walmart was out. (Tantrums ensued.) We've located a local pet shop & will begin immediate research tomorrow.


  1. Hey, how cool. We do Family Night on Monday night, too! It's a great thing. My family grew up doing it and so did my husband's family and now we have it.

  2. ps. I love the spa idea! How cute!


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