Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week in Review: August 13-19

Last week I...
...made Taco Salad for supper with the Mr.
...watched 5 kids for a playdate.
...helped the girls pack their new school supplies in their new backpacks.
...happily watched Project Runway on the cozy purple couch. (My two favorite peoples are gone!! Sadness.)
... have had trouble hearing out of my left ear. The word for the week: "What?"
...took my babies to school.
...realized that my almost-10-year old is not too cool (yet) for hugs, kisses & hand-holding with her mom when she gets out of school.
...felt a tremendous wave of freedom & independence since the girls have been back at school.
...went to lunch with friends & the girls at Pop Corner, where a gentlemen plays the piano & sings while you eat, every Wednesday!
...accompanied the girls as they picked out their first real pet ever: a beta fish. They are both male fish. Zoey named hers "Jo-Jo". Pazely named hers "Rosebud", but we call him "Bud" for short.
...cooked Zoey's request as a side-dish for dinner: twice baked potato casserole. It's one of our favorites!
...spent all day Thursday making a stop motion video. BLISS.
...made the crockpot cook me dinner on Friday. (Pulled pork sandwiches.)
...went on a coffee date with the Mr.
...enjoyed a Chinese buffet dinner with new friends & marveled at the tiny pies served in the dessert section.
...talked to my mother on the phone as she & my dad & my grandmother are driving from Washington to visit me & the fam here in Nebraska! (They should be here Tuesday or Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!)
...worked on unpacking the art studio. This is how the breakdown goes: About 25 boxes. Almost 12 hours. Not done.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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  1. Hope that your children's return to school is safe and happy :)

    Those pies are super cute!


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