Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today began with its usual school morning urgency: the constant scooting along, the steady hustling onward.   
"Come on girls, get downstairs & eat breakfast!"
"Where are your glasses, Pazely?"
"Did you both make your bed & feed your fish & brush your teeth?"
But this morning was also a mix of emotions. I take that back. It was just one emotion: sadness. After visiting for the past two weeks from Washington, my parents & grandmother were departing. Zoey had already spent the night before just weeping & weeping & hugging her Mimi.

The plan for me this morning was to load the girls in our ghetto van & drop them off at school while my parents left in their own vehicle, headed West on their 1251.82 mile trek back home. It only takes me 4 minutes to do the whole school drop-off. After saying our quick goodbyes to family, I scurried & hurried & gave quick kisses to the munchkins as they hopped out in front of the school. I looped quickly around the block, hoping to spy the sweet faces of my family one more time before they left. But as I approached the house, I noticed the driveway was empty. And it made me more sad than ever. I bit my lip. And then I cried.

As I walked into the empty house, the Mr. scooted me along, hustled me to get ready for the day so we could go grab a cup of coffee. He suggested I tag along with him at work for half the day too. That was his way of helping to comfort me, so I wouldn't be alone in the house with quiet & my overwhelming way of finding heartache & camping out in it. 

Despite my low spirits, I really am a happy girl with such happy memories of the past two weeks. Spending time with my family was so amazing. Though I was lucky enough to get to see my family when I flew to Washington in February, my girls haven't gotten to see them in almost 2 years. We soaked up every moment of togetherness while they were here. I loved having my house filled with family, including a visit from Susan & her Mr. on Friday night through Saturday afternoon, complete with mom's spaghetti for supper & peach cobbler for dessert  breakfast the next morning.

I told my mom I hate it when she comes for a visit. Because we always have to say goodbye. But, really, I'll take the "goodbyes" any day, because it means I got to say "hello".

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