Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We're a one car family. And this morning, I simply wanted to drop the Mr. off at work, & then casually head out to cross some errands off my list of 'Things To Do'.
But my plans were thwarted. The dumb van has a flattening tire. (It's not all the way flat, but on its way. And when we drive, the tire makes a rhythmic thumping noise, which is unsettling to my nerves. I can't help but picture a random blowout at the most inopportune time & me screaming wildly as the van bobbles out of control.) So, the ghetto van got dropped at a local tire shop where we got the WORST customer service. And, due to the wait, the whole process of patching our tire will take about 3 hours.

The Mr. & I took a leisurely walk from the tire shop to the church. And so here I sit at his desk blogging. (And blogging about exciting things as you can see.) There is so much I can be doing right now at home. Like kicking my feet up on the cozy purple couch, & finding an Indie film to watch while I knit. Major stuff like that. Not to mention those errands.

Why didn't I bring some yarn?? This is horrible. And I'm bored. And on top of that I'm tired. I've been averaging 4.5 hours of sleep the last couple of nights. And I just ate some Girl Scout cookies because I didn't get breakfast before I left home. Which means I'm grumpy because these cookies don't satisfy like a plate of fluffy white scrambled eggs smothered with finely shredded cheddar would. And I'm picturing my cup of coffee right where I left it at home: nestled next to the sofa on the carpet, beside my pile of knitting happiness. Wah!!!!
And, because I'm bored, I start to play silly games. Like that one where you imagine you're in a Zombie Apocalypse & you have to grab the closest thing to your left & use that as your weapon. The closest thing to the left of me is a pile of junk mail.
That was a fun game.

At least a book. Why didn't I bring a book? Well, maybe because the book I'm reading at home is currently a snoozefest. Moby Dick. It seriously started out pretty interesting. I was digging Ishmael & the relationship with his new cannibal friend Queegueg. But now the book has gone all scientific & textbook on me & the classification of whales is about as uninteresting as well...this blog post.

 How bored am I?
I just looked up the word "thesaurus" IN the thesaurus.

3 hours later...
Hallelujah! I have never been so happy to see our ugly van! Apparently there was a nail in one tire & a bolt in another. A regular Frankenstein, that van of ours.
Not an entire day wasted. I did confiscate the Mr's laptop afterall, so I was able to world-wide-web it to my heart's content. And we walked to a greasy diner for lunch.

From now on, though, whenever I leave the house I am carrying a fun bag.
And a shotgun. (For the zombies.)


  1. Okay, well, I have a notebook and cold coffee to my left, then my pencil cup with the scissors and screwdriver. I'll take the extra second to grab those in a zombie apocolypse. Thanks for helping me be more aware of the potential weapons in my work cubical!!!

    Sorry about your frankestein tires. But you DID get a library card, so it's all good, right?

  2. Week before last I went in to the tire shop 3 times with a fat tire. IN THE SAME TIRE!!! Tire issues are of the devil.

  3. Thank you for causing laughter showing all my teeth!!! That should keep the zombies at bay until i have a copy of Moby Dick handy.


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