Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This morning, while driving around downtown with the Mr. to get our driver's licenses renewed with our updated address, (We're officially North Platte-ians!), & to get our library cards, (We can legally check out books too!), I saw a homeless person holding a sign that read, "HUNGRY HUNGRY HOBO". Where is my camera when I need it??

The last few times I've gotten my driver's license, the picture makes me look like I have a HUGE head. Every single time. I'm not lying. Why is that? Big ole round ball balancing atop a neck. Its's so disturbing. I think I just have to come to terms with reality: I have a fat head.
And, according to the Mr.'s new driver's license photo, I am married to a crazy lunatic. His eyeballs appear to be different sizes & his expression could compete with that of any classic mugshot.

After the girls got out of school today, we zipped over to the library so the munchkins could get their library cards. We are now a library-card-packin' family. And we are not afraid to use them.
We have declared Wednesdays "Library Days". Or, as I like to call it: Mid-Week Book Therapy.
The girls & I went nuts in the library! I was BEYOND happy, especially when I saw that there were 5 shelves of knitting books! A big change from the library of our previous residence which lovingly housed barely 10 knitting books. (And that's kid & adult section combined.) I wanted to scream! I wanted to do cartwheels! But I didn't. Instead, I grinned. Uncontrollably.
I foresee myself visiting there quite often. It's my new favorite place.
Not to dog the small-town library we used to go to. We miss our library ladies very much. And the Free Fine Fridays.

And, in case you're wondering: Yes, I pixelated the top title in that stack of books up top. You should see what Zoey did to one of my Mark Montano books. Nothing personal, Mark. I've still got the crafty love for you.

Potty mouth crafty book titles aside, I am one happy girl!
And Pazely can't believe that her library card didn't cost one cent. She won't stop telling people, "I got my library card for FREE!!!!"


  1. My hubbie and I got our library cards in Richland before we even changed our licenses. We only needed to show a utility bill with our address on it. I love libraries!

  2. I love how excited Pazely is that she got her library card for free!!! Too funny. We are getting a new kitten from a friend of ours. My 7 year old is going on and on how nice they are to GIVE us the kitten for FREE! They are not even charging us!!! And, like Pazely, is telling everyone about it! So much joy in our childrens' hearts! So much to learn from little ones! Apparently the best things in life really are free- kittens and library cards!

  3. That's so cute that Pazely was excited about her FREE library card. Library night is Tuesday at our house!


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