Friday, September 21, 2012

Pumpkin Bread 2012

This year's batch of pumpkin bread was rather delicious. More delicious than normal it seemed. Maybe that's because I am just cuckoo for Fall, & the intensity with which I anticipate it just sorta made my taste buds explode when I took that first bite of bread. Or maybe I'm just more awesome at baking.

My annual First-Day-of-Fall-Pumpkin-Bread-Baking had to occur a tiny bit earlier this year. The first day of fall is on Saturday. So, in order to deliver goodies to teachers on time, I had to bake yesterday. The house, which has smelled like onions & peppers since Tuesdays supper, took on a new, more pleasant odor. And I was a happy girl!

For the first time, I attached 2 packets of apple cider on top of each mini loaf. I found some $1.00 stickers at Walmart & simply stuck those on shipping tags from the office supply store. On the back of each tag is a note written to each teacher. And then I tied it all together with some vintage mustard colored yarn I found at a new favorite shop in town.

The recipe, from Lisa at Polka Dot Cottage, can be found HERE.

And just an FYI that might help out: I doubled the recipe. To save you from measuring out that pumpkin, 7 cups of pumpkin is equal to one of those fatty 29 oz. cans PLUS one of those smaller regular-sized cans.
I filled my bread to about 3/4 full & made one regular loaf & 8 mini ones. I LOVE purchasing those disposable metal loaf pans that come with the plastic lids for baking & giving. Makes things easy! 

Happy baking!


  1. happy fall! i just love that you take the time to make someone's day! i bet those teachers LOVE you! they better!

  2. it didn't make me go through any alien translation test! yip-EEEEEEEEEEE!

  3. haha! Yes, I disabled the alien translation. I moderate the comments anyway, so we'll see how that goes. Crossing my fingers that the alien translation is the whole reason people weren't leaving comments for the last 5 years. Maybe they will now. HAHAHAHAHA!


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