Monday, September 17, 2012

Week in Review: September 10-16

Last week I...
...Skyped with Tia! (It's been a while!)
...prepared the munchkins for School Picture Day.
...made cupcakes.
...arranged flowers.
...enjoyed one lovely day of 60-ish degree weather, complete with a hot cuppa coffee.
...went to a Mexican Restaurant for a friend's birthday & had a grumpy waiter named Hector.
...enjoyed some Etta James via Pandora.
...went to Parent/Teacher conferences.
...enjoyed a 4-day weekend with the littles.
...wanted to slap a bratty teenager upside the head.
...had mug envy.
...had help with weekly housecleaning chores! (Yay for that 4-day weekend with the littles!)
...was surprised with a box of lovely homegrown produce.
...celebrated Zoey's {real} birthday! (Which included Tater Tot casserole on TV trays, Master Chef & Mini Eclairs.)
...made a pancake brekkie on Saturday.
...went to the 150th Union Pacific Rail Fest with Zoey & Pazely. (Got my gyro fix. And ate one more fried Oreo.)
...went on a grocery shopping date one night with the oldest munchkin.
...ate a delicious slice of Salty Hog pie. (Pretty much heaven.)

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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