Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zoey is 10. Sorta.

Piggy-backing the last post about my visiting parents & grandmother, I wanted to share a little surprise we gave Zoey on Monday. Her birthday is on September 14th. And her biggest wish was to be able to celebrate while her Mimi, Papa & GG were here. Unfortunately, my visiting family would be leaving before Zoey's birthday. So we surprised her with an early birthday party!

We had so much fun birthday shopping for Zoey. We bought everything green: balloons, streamers, plates, tablecloth, etc. My mom & I made quick little cupcake picks to decorate the birthday desserts. We even had little party favors for Pazely.

Sunday night, while Zoey was sleeping upstairs, the Mr., my mom, dad & 90-year old grandmother blew up balloons. We hung all the decorations & finished wrapping prezzies. 
Zoey woke up Monday morning & came down the stairs with the most darling & surprised face. She was so excited & ran to hug us all.
After presents there was a big breakfast & then a trip to North Platte River where we played & swam & relaxed for the afternoon. For supper we grilled burgers & had a regular ole BBQ. 

I tried to fill the day with Zoey's favorites: 
•the color green
•salt & vinegar potato chips
•cupcakes that weren't chocolate (I made THESE cupcakes with THIS frosting)

It was a small family affair. Spontaneous & easy peasy to put together.
Her 10th birthday, 11 days early. And with her family. She was a happy girl indeed.


  1. We're going to do something similar for Matilda's 1st birthday. We'll be back home until right before her bday so we're going to throw a big ole 1st birthday party so that all of my friends & their babies and family can be there. We'll have a teeny get together when we get back to England.
    And Zoey is a girl after my own heart! I LOOOVE lemon cake. I totally prefer it to chocolate, anytime. I love Chocolate but not chocolate cake.
    Yummy zesty goodness! Happy Birthday Zoey!


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