Friday, October 12, 2012

Art Studio Tour

It's hard to believe that the fam & I have been in North Platte for 2 months already. (2 months & 6 days to be exact.) And I have found my happy place. The last bits of the art studio have been unpacked & organized & all is right with the world. I say "art studio", but I really mean "carpeted room at the bottom of the stairs". I use the term "art studio" because it makes me feel important.

Moving to a new place always makes for an interesting adventure in unpacking. More specifically: Where will my creative space be? Will I even get my own room for all my artsy craftsy stuff? Please don't put me in the garage. It's cold out there. And spiders call it home.

Luckily, I have been able to have my own space everywhere we've lived, since the Mr. & I have been married. It started out as a closet in a guest bedroom 13 years ago. And now the guests have to sleep in the art studio. It's kind of groovy that the Mr. puts up with all this.

My new space is about the same size as my last art studio. Except my last art studio had TONS of shelving in the closet &, well, thing are a little more crammed on what shelves I have here now. PLUS, I have a couch! The only reason the sleeper sofa is in here is because it wouldn't fit through the archway to go into the room next door. So I got stuck with it. Which isn't too terrible. Get me a mini fridge & a microwave & I may never come out of here.

The last step in completing my art studio is to get my computer down here. It's up in the kitchen right now. Something about the wi-fi not working down here (??) & I just have to Google & figure out what the heck in the world to do. It may be as easy as plugging in some wireless thingie to the back of the tower, or it may be as annoying as just not being able to ever have my computer down here. Which, really, isn't TOO annoying. I have enjoyed having a computer in the kitchen. It's a great help when looking up recipes & having to glance at it while cooking along.

I don't have matching organizational crates, or cubby systems harmonizing in coordinating hues. IKEA didn't throw up on my creative space. (Although, I wish it would.) Really, it's not very exciting, but I know people LOVE having a peek, & I don't mind sharing. So, here you go...

Creepy dollie holds up some crafty books.

• Hoops & loops & my faux screen print screens are tacked upon the wall.
• My favorite little vintage deer chachki.
• A thrifted hardware store find is perfect for organizing little crafty bits.

My "Happy Board". Everything on here makes me smile when I look at it. Good memories. Good times. Goodness all around. I add new stuff & rotate things all the time.

• Miss Roxie Valentine lives on. (Wearing my banged up wedding tiara.)
• Wooden spools saved for a future project or two.
• Set of 3 vintage metal mini tea cups.
• My first piece of knitting. Susan taught me how to knit at work---with a pencil & some yarn I had wrapped around a gift I had just given her.

Packing supplies & more happy things. Pazely drew me that owl & I love it forever.

This table in the art studio sort of serves 3 purposes. On the right end is my sewing machine station. On the left end will be the computer area. (For now, the antique typewriter will sit in that spot.) And the middle area is a small working space for crafting.

And here's the view looking into the room as you walk in. Nothing fancy. But it's my space & I'm surrounded by things I love & it's all cozy & perfect to me.


  1. Man, I wanna come over and get crafty with you..looks heavenly...

  2. Woohoo! How exciting. :D I can only imagine how anxious to create you must be when in that room!

    1. I do love being in there. Even my girls come down in the room & say how much they love it too.

  3. Yay! Looks so functional, inspiring, warm, and inviting. I love the vintage touches, very unique. Although, Miss R.V. may have to have a low brim hat on before I could sleep in there(just sayin', I have thin eyelids, and I think she may like a party or two late at night):) You are such a wonderful mom to show just how important your own space is, Even if it happens to be a closet. Well done!

    1. Haha! Nancy, my parents slept in there on their recent visit. And the mannequin heads (there's more than one) freaked them out a little. I did find Roxie face down on the table. :0) The Mr. will not let me put them out in the living room as decor. I think he gets a bit freaked out. I admit, I have jumped a time or two thinking someone "was there".

  4. Cool space! At least it's organized. not like mine (boo!)
    Such warm space to spend in rainy days.

  5. Thanks for letting us look around your space. So many wonderful items. Wishing you many happy crafting hours spent in that room.


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