Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FAMILY NIGHT: The Stairs Edition

Last night's Family Night was so much fun! The Mr. came up with the idea on his own. (The Mr. doesn't often agree to do "silly". So, when he does, it sets me in a state of awe & I love him even more.) We sent the girls downstairs so we could set up. I piled a bunch of pillows at the bottom of the stairs & the Mr. cut up moving boxes. And then the Mr. had the first run down the stairs. The girls ran upstairs when they heard the noise. They were pretty much excited & squealing when they saw their daddy & then realized what we were doing. 
The Mr. only had one layer of cardboard so it immediately bended & folded & gave no support. His ride went pretty much like this:
And, from what I recall as a kid, when you are attempting to fly down the stairs, you pretty much want it to go like this:
We gathered more cardboard to sit on & that made the ride a bit more smooth & slick. I wish we had more stairs! Flashback: I recall my house as a kid, on Blue Heron Boulevard, in West Richland, Washington: Orange carpet. Stairs for days. My brother & I zipped & zoomed down those stairs on our bellies, face first, arms outstretched like Superman. Oh, man. Those were the days...

Click HERE for Zoey's video. I asked her to give me a "countdown" before she launched. She accidentally started sliding before counting down. So all that mumbling as she is flying down the stairs is her quickly counting down. haha!

Click HERE for my video.Warning: You may want to turn the volume down. As the Mr. puts it in the video: "You need to stop screamin' Nik! It's scary." And Pazely is lip-singing the whole time to this really annoying & creepy nursery rhyme song about 'The Three Little Kittens', which is playing in the background. It totally sounds like the munchkins from the Lollipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz are singing it. And it's on REPEAT! (As the role of a cute little freckle-faced human, she is perfect! As the DJ, she is fired.)
For some reason, my bum is the screen shot for the video. Ugh. As one of my Facebook friends stated: "...but that's whats making me watch it, your bum." 

Though it was available for a very limited time in its early release, the Mr. has not officially authorized the use of his video.

And Pazely had a rough night. She was being a bit of a grump. How you can be a grump when your mom & dad are flying down the stairs on cardboard boxes, I'll never understand. So, there's no video of her. She was really whiny & tired & uncooperataive & was crying {unnecessarily} like a baby. She got mad at me because I told her, "Stop being such a cry baby." She firmly stated: "I'm NOT a baby! Don't call me a cry baby!!!! You should have called me a cry kid!" I apologized for calling her a cry baby instead of a cry kid. 
I DID get an awesome picture of her bumping down the stairs though. Somehow I snapped the picture perfectly on a down-bump & her face looks like an old lady. The skin looks saggy & everything. It is so funny! But she told me not to show it to anyone. Bummer. 

After school today the girls & I are going to attempt another run down the stairs. With the winter sled. We will not stop until we have reached hypersonic stair sliding speeds. 
I think we're gonna need more pillows...


  1. OK- your Mister is a GENIUS! We will be trying this out with the neighborhood kiddos on a cold and rainy day...after I have had 15 cups of coffee... ;0)

  2. Cardboard sounds fun. My siblings and I used blankets and pillowcases. My mother hated it... hee hee. But it is such fun!! I like reading your stories.


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