Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heartburn Chronicles

It's 2 in the morning & I'm up with heartburn. I do believe this is not the first up-in-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning-with-heartburn blog post I've ever written.
I was keeping the Mr. up with my tossing & turning. And, well, the pain got to be too much so I headed downstairs for a baking soda + water cocktail. Here I sit on the couch, letting the potion do its magic. It has never felt so good to burp. (And stuff.)

And while I'm up, I am contemplating things like...
• My arms are cold. I wish I owned a Snuggie.

• I am such a loser mom this year for Halloween. After last year's "Making Costumes for the First Time Ever" award I gave myself, this year is quite the opposite. Zero time, zero energy, zero inspiration. The girls are not even allowed to wear costumes to their new school. Plus, Halloween falls on the night when our family has church. And all the kids are dressing up as someone from the bible. We'll see what last minute wardrobes I may be forced to throw together. I think I have some sheets & fake beards around here somewhere.

• I have had such a busy week. And it's only 2:25 on Wednesday morning! I knew this recent move meant the Mr. would be super busy at the church with all his duties & responsibilities as Pastor. But I didn't expect that I'd be so busy there too. That's my way of politely whining.

• I have to be up in 4 hours. *wimpers*

• I need new cookie sheets. Mine have been badly burned & abused. And one of them is a pizza pan anyway. Plus, the Mr. is concerned that my reputation for making "rocks for cookies" will get out.

•  Today is Halloween & the Mr. scheduled dentist appointments for the girls this afternoon. I think that's funny.

• I had a dream last night that I got an email from the library saying that my patronage at the library had been TERMINATED. I actually woke up kind of sad. 

• I think I will eat a pumpkin scone today. That is my goal.

And I leave you with that. The heartburn seems to have waned & this girl needs her beauty sleep.
Thanks for the early morning chat.


  1. As I librarian, I can (with 99% confidence) tell you that we never want to get rid of patrons, or not good patrons at least!

    1. I think the dream is coming from the fact that I really am getting emails from the library in the town we used to live in. About a missing video that has been declared LOST. We promise we returned it, but the automatic {& annoyingly regular} notices keep being sent.

  2. It is always good to have a daily goal...especially if it involves scones...

    1. And, I should fill you in: GOAL ACCOMPLISHED. And it was delicious. And I made crumbs everywhere.

  3. Ohhh Great. I liked.




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