Friday, October 26, 2012

Las botas

I got me some new boots!
(Yes! I realize that's improper grammar. But that's what I do when I'm excited: I break all the fundaments of language! Wheeeeee!)

For almost, oh, 5 years at least {or more??} I have been saying, "I am going to get some boots this fall." And I never have. My mom even attempted to grant this wish for me one year for my birthday, by sending me some cash. But I bought other things instead—probably something for my girls, or groceries. Sorry mom. It's not that I didn't want the boots. But I am the type of person that has a hard time buying for myself.
I don't know what happened this time around, but I decided to make the boot shopping a reality. Finally. Well, I kinda know what did happen: the Mr. gave me a big ole check & told me to go get some boots.

I went by myself to the mall & hit a few shops, trying on boots here & there & then going back & looking again & browsing some more, & trying on again. This is when I needed a girlfriend in tow: To tell me how awesome, or un-awesome, I looked. And to encourage me & cheer me on from the sidelines as I tried to pull some of the boots over my fat calves. I seriously couldn't even get some boots on because of this. They should have a warning on those boots: for stick people only. Before depression set in, I realized this actually helped me to narrow down my search: I kept my eye out for the boots with the savvy elastic details.
And I found them & I was so happy! (They were the first pair I had tried on. But, you know, I had to try on all the other boots in the mall just to make sure.)

Here I am getting pumpkins with my friend Amelia, for a fun night of pumpkin carving. My head is chopped off. But look at those cute boots!

Here I am studding an orange with cloves for some wassail I'm about to make. Oh, look! There are my new boots. How'd they get up there? *snicker, snicker*

When I modeled my boots for the first time, Zoey begged me to wear them to her school on the weekday that I help out in her class. (ha!) And Pazely said, "You could be in a magazine."
Ah, compliments from the littles are so priceless.
*hands each of the girls $5.00*

A gentleman at church saw me wearing my boots & said, "You expecting snow?"
Apparently, he didn't realize that these were not snow boots & that there are a bajillion different styles of boots to serve a bajillion different types of purposes. Obviously. *giant eye roll* 
The purpose of these exact boots was to make me feel super sassy & awesome. How could he have known that though?
Heck, if I had known a pair of boots could do that, I would have made this purchase years ago. 


  1. I am doing a happy dance for you- boots ROCK!!!

    (And the next time you need a girlfriend to go shopping with you, please call me. I am good at helping other people spend money on themselves...). ;0)

  2. awesome boots! I love the color. I've been doing the same thing, I'm going to get some boots soon....and I never do. For about 47 years, I think. Now, if only my husband would hand me a check, too, we'd be all set. :)

  3. Great boots! Isn't it funny how long we wait to spend money on ourselves! Good for you.


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