Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reunited, & it feels so good.

Oh. My. Cookieness.

Once upon a time I took an airplane flight. I don't remember where to exactly, but I do remember the in-flight snack. Every detail of it. Lotus Biscoff cookies. From Belgium. The crispy, yet not overwhelmingly so, biscuit. The light crumbles, the sweet dark goodness. The way my mouth wanted more. 
But I also remember the sheer disappointment at finding they were only available online or by calling 1-800-I'M-A-CLOSET-COOKIE-MONSTER. And I wasn't about to do either. For starters: I'm cheap & didn't want to pay the shipping costs. 

Yesterday, at Walmart of all places, I spied Lotus Biscoff cookies!!!!! In double-time, I snatched the package from the shelf, while at the same time emitting a gutteral "These cookies are so goooooood!" At this point the man next to me in the aisle pretty much thought I was nuts. Thus my status as a closet cookie monster was solidified.

The package reads: "For decades, Biscoff has been Europe's favorite cookie to enjoy with coffee. Its popularity in the U.S. spread when the crisp, delicious cookie began to be served onboard airplanes..."
Yes! Yes! That was me! A U.S. citizen! Enjoying the popular European cookie onboard an airplane!
Then it goes on to explain how passengers were "clamoring for more of these delicious cookies..."
Yes! Yes! That was me too! Clamoring for more! Well, maybe not exactly "clamoring". What's one more step above "clamoring"? Not quite "demanding" or "getting in an onboard skirmish". But definitely making it known that I, too, wished to be the bearer of extra cookies.

Seriously, when the flight attendant passed out the cookies, we passengers asked for seconds. And thirds. Who does that with the usual in-flight snack of stupid peanuts? "Excuse me? May I have another bag of these extremely dry & salt-less peanuts? No need to refill my drink. I love the way the peanuts suck up every bit of saliva in my mouth. My favorite part is when I swallow, it feels like I'm eating sand."

Wait. Hold on. The guy in seat 2D is making up some lame story about his nieces? So he can get a HANDFUL OF BISCOFF COOKIES to stuff in his carry-on & take home to "them"? The flight attendant is tossing cookies at him like it's confetti! WHAT??!?!?! I need to up my game.

I was out of control. 

So you can guess my extreme delight at being reunited with these foreign little tasty treasures at Wally World, on American soil. Basically, because of all the clamoring, I don't have to pay for shipping. I will not reveal how many I consumed in just the first few hours after purchasing them. But let's just say you'd have to use a awesomeness...from the...uh...Y-axis...& then find the equivalency of then bisect that...into...a polygon.


  1. It was the whole package right? Biscuits are awesome.. Crispy and just sweet enough.

    1. Not QUITE the whole package. But enough of the package to be ashamed of. :0)

  2. We also love Biscoff cookies. Have you had the Biscoff Spread? It's the consistency of peanut butter, but it's made out of Biscoff cookies. You can buy it at Wal-Mart for under $3. I made the mistake of buying it online at Amazon for about $8. You can find recipes for Biscoff spread treats.

  3. I could not love you or your blog more right now! Do you know that I save it up til Friday like a treat for myself...sometimes I don't make it, sometimes on a quiet/mopey/not so great day, I just have to go ahead and peek because it feels so real, so sincere. It makes me smile and seriously laugh out loud. I read the posts from the week really quickly, as fast as my eyes can take in the when you buy that bar of chocolate and you think you'll eat it slow to savor it, but then you look at your hands and the bar has disappeared in record time. So thanks, for being so sincere and transparent. For talking about silly things and fun things. For sharing the monster in the morning rituals, and the sadness of being away from family and the fun of just being with family. You make me smile and open my eyes to the wonder of the daily stuff.

    1. Oh Jenn, I wish you knew how much I TOTALLY appreciate you writing this! It makes me feel all big & special inside. (And this kind of stuff gives me the motivation to keep on writing. Because, sometimes I wonder who is even out there reading my ramblings! You know, the whole "Hello? *tap, tap, tap on the microphone* Is this thing on?" type thing.)
      To think that my blog is one of your treats makes me feel, I don't know. I can't even explain it. Thank you so much!!!!!
      And, since moving 2 months ago, I've really desired to change the format of my blog---do more writing. I mean, the craftiness will still be there. But the random stories & silly things that pop into my head will be now be written about. Writing is a passion & I just want to share!!!!

  4. I love this post. It made me laugh so hard! I love the cookies too. I make it a point to befriend the flight attendants so I can bat my long eye lashes and ask for more. I have some flights coming up soon, I'll save the cookies and send them to you!

  5. My son and I are ADDICTED to the Biscoff spread! I got it because, I too, had the cookies on a flight and was curious. I usually eat most of it with a spoon...then feel bad. :)


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