Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week in Review: October 1-7

Last week I... new eyeglasses!
...tie-dyed tights with the girls.
...ate too many donuts.
...squealed at the return of "Once Upon a Time". Yet, I'm sad at the same time. That first episode was just too scary for the littles. (The Wrath?!)  It was our weekly family tv show too. Pooey. Maybe we'll have to tune in together to Dancing with the Stars.
...doctored a sore, groggy throat & just felt all around ick. 
...wore a sweater for the first time this cold season!
...saw a REALLY good, fun, happy, clean movie: a British independent romantic film called The Decoy Bride. (Fun Fact: The leading lady in the movie, Kelly MacDonald, was the voice for Merida in the animated movie "Brave".)
...enjoyed watching the snowflakes fall all Saturday afternoon. Though only a light dusting, Pazely insisted on wearing her full winter weather gear to play outside.
...had a groovy family night of BLT's for din-din & an evening trip to the library. 
...was entertained as the trees in our yard got a major trim. That's quite a production!
...knitted like a madwoman.
...watched THIS video of The Piano Guys. (I had never heard of them.) How fun is that video?!
...made 1000 sales in the shop!!!!! YAY! And thank you to all my awesome customers!


Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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  1. What a great post! Congratualtions on the sales in your shop. I like your new glasses.


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