Monday, October 29, 2012

Week in Review: October 22-28

Last week I...
...had a munchkin home sick from school one day. new fall boots!!!!
...went pumpkin shopping.
...surprised my church family with a fun night of pumpkin carving.
...took the girls to an eye appointment. Pazely doesn't need to wear glasses anymore!
...woke up to snow one morning.
...smiled & giggled at THIS video. I promise you will enjoy!
...made wassail for the first time this season.
...made Lazy Sunday Casserole. Yet again. (It's a favorite of mine!)
...watched Zoey do cartwheel after cartwheel. (She is currently in pain all over from practicing so hard.)
...had a lunch date with the Mr. & got our WHOLE meal & dessert FREE due to a mix up in our order. SWEET!
...took the girls to their school Fall Fest where we dined on spaghetti-n-meatballs & played games in the chilly outdoors.
...watched Zoey at a creative movement workshop.
...took the girls to the community playhouse to see the Utah Dance Repertory Theater perform pieces about  modern dance through the ages.
...ate chicken fried chicken at the local airport restaurant.
...built a fire for the first time. (We've never had a house with a fireplace!)
...made s'mores indoors!!!
...finished reading The Little House on the Prairie series to the girls! We are sad, but we are going to continue with Rose's works as soon as I can *hopefully* find them at the library.
...made mini Reese's pieces oatmeal cookies.
...did some more candle shopping with the Mr.
...watched Madagascar 3 for Family Night + made crockpot mac-n-cheese + ate yummy ice cream treats.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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  1. I love the Little House on the Prairie books and read them over and over, but didn't really like the Rose books. I think she's kind of whiny =), and definitely not as talented as her mama. I did love everything I've ever read by LM Montgomery, not just the Anne of Green Gables but also the Emily of New Moon ones and there is one called the Story Girl that was also really good. Also, I loved the books by Gene Stratton Porter called 'Freckles' and 'Girl of the Limberlost.' I recommend these highly for reading aloud.=)


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