Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week in Review: October 8-14

(A little lot late this week.)

Last week I...
...continued to fight off the sickies. (My stupid throat!)
...had a houseful of guests for one evening, sleeping on the sleeper sofa, the couch, the floor.
...led worship during 2 services for a weekend conference at my church. Lots of fun!
...had a tiring weekend due to aforementioned conference.
...made pancakes for the littles.
...listened while driving home one night as Pazely made this observation: "Not all people who walk on sidewalks wearing backpacks are homeless."
...beamed with silly pride as Zoey used the word "vintage" when telling me about something that happened during her day. 
...was spoiled as the Mr. replenished my stash of yummy-smelling fall candles.
...packaged & shipped orders for the first time since moving. Yay!
...played with clay.
...enjoyed a movie night in for Family Night. (We watched the stop-motion film "Pirates! Band of Misfits".)
...finished unpacking & organizing my art studio. I am enjoying my new happy space!
...consumed Biscoff cookies.
...attended a ladies tea at church. (It's' so good to be with other gals, young & old!)

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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