Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I just realized that the trees in the neighborhood are all naked. When did THAT happen?
I missed it. I totally missed it. One day the leaves were there. And now they're not.
I know last week was a busy one. And I was rushing hither & thither, focused on the tasks at hand & trying to survive the stress. But, golly. I feel like the theatrics that come with autumn leaves falling have passed me by: the adventure of the descent.
It's when autumn begins to whisper to winter: 
"It's almost your turn."
At least I got to watch them change from green into shades of amber & auburn. Mustard, copper, rust, sienna. 

I didn't mean to ignore the finale. 

I will still enjoy my thick sweaters & my cozy socks & my fancy Starbucks drinks with French words in their titles & my scarves & my awesome new boots & hot pans of roasted seasonal vegetables & family gatherings by the fireplace & toasty sits on the couch with blankets & chilly walks in the neighborhood. Just not with the backdrop of your lovely warm hues, your glowing complexion.

The first day of winter is still 45 days away...
Hey, why did you undress so early anyway?
Kinky, kinky autumn.


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