Friday, November 2, 2012

DAY 1 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

DAY 1:
I recently called to mind a moment in my life where I was influenced by someone. A few years ago I joined the worship team at an old church of mine. The worship leader was this really real guy who loved to sing & had the talent to lead a crew of musicians & singers. He pushed me out of my comfort zone & helped stretch my abilities. Years later, as the Mr. & the fam & I have moved here & there, I've sort of been "thrown" into a position I don't always feel comfortable in: as worship leader.
You see, I love to sing. But just not IN FRONT of people. And I like to play the piano, with my limited knowledge of chords & inability to play by ear. But just not IN FRONT of people. So, the fact that every week I sing IN FRONT of people & play my mediocre music IN FRONT of people gives me a chuckle. A sarcastic chuckle (as in: "Ha. Ha. Funny one, God."), but it's ironic nonetheless.  
I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, leading a group of people into a place of holy reverence, into the throne room of The King. It is scary & it is humbling, at the same time. My feelings of inadaquecy often consume me. The nerves eat me up inside.

If it weren't for the willingness of my friend & worship leader, Tony, (who, I might add, is pretty much almost blind) to share his gifts & talents & leadership, I might not have any other personal illustration to help me where I'm at right now.

Do you ever get a thought about someone, like an old friend or acquaintance & you feel like you should write them a note or send them a letter? And then months pass & you realize you never did write or send anything? I've had that thought a few times about Tony & his wife Amy, who are currently pastors in Alaska. This time I decided, I'm just going to do it. So, I wrote a note & sent it their way. Via facebook. How easy was that? Very easy. A pen & a pretty notecard would have worked just as well. But I needed to get it done.  
Urgency + facebook = speedy delivery!

I thanked Tony for being an example to me, & pretty much everything I shared with you here.

If you can think of someone who has made a difference in your life, write that note. Send that letter. Or compose a private message on facebook. 

I had a thought yesterday about this Giving Thanks: Show & Tell thing. Though I do hope my readers decide to play along & tell about the ways they've shown their gratitude this month, I understand if people wish to keep their giving/random acts of kindness/demonstrations of thankfulness anonymous. I hope nobody thinks I'm saying "Lookie what I did!". You know, being a "show-off". That's not my intention. My motive is to inspire others. It really does trigger something good & happy inside, reading about others' thoughtful actions.

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  1. I agree with you, reading about the kind acts of others helps me to remember to give more service to those around me. I also have a person in my life who I have been meaning to write a letter to. I actually wrote the letter three times! I just need to send one! (She doesn't have a Facebook. Crazy, right?)


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