Saturday, November 10, 2012

DAY 10 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

Today I let someone go ahead of me in line. The girls & I were standing out in the freezing cold at a Redbox, waiting to get a movie. There were two Redboxes outside of Walgreens. We were standing in front of the one that worked. The other one was being dumb. A lady showed up to return her movies at the dumb one. It didn't work. So I let her go ahead of me.

That might not seem like a big deal.

The other day I was standing in line FOREVER at a grocery store, waiting to get my groceries rung up. I was standing in line for a very long time. And the line wasn't going anywhere. Some lady 3 customers ahead of me was holding up the line for who knows what. The line literally wasn't moving. It was torture just standing there. Two different customers came up behind me. And they waited for about 5 minutes. Suddenly the lane next to us opened up & the cashier glanced behind his shoulder & said, "I can help someone over here!" The two ladies behind me DARTED quick as lightning to the newly opened register. Seeing as my line was not moving, I wheeled my cart to the newly opened line as well. And I just stood there fuming inside. Were these ladies for real? If they knew they were standing there for 5 minutes, wouldn't they stop to think that maybe someone in front of them had been there, um, LONGER???? How rude. Simply rude. I was not amused at the irony that I was now stuck behind THEM. So, believe me, I know the power of the simple act of letting someone go in front of you.

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