Monday, November 12, 2012


I've been a kindness slacker.
But let me explain.
Day #12 had me in a fairly solemn mood. Just a lot of reflecting & stuff.
I didn't get out, I spent all morning & afternoon inside the house. It wasn't a bad thing. I was just being an uber mellow homebody on this particular day. 
I wasn't extending my hand of gratitude at all, though not intentionally. 

In the evening I was able to go to a service at the Minister's Wives Retreat in Lexington, NE. I was so grateful to be riding along with a lady from my church. Otherwise, I probably would not have gone. Unfortunately we weren't able to attend the whole retreat. But just that one service was so uplifting. There was a time of singing, & all the ladies voices together just sounded so lovely! The speaker shared her personal story of heartache & forgiveness. And I was filled with extra thankfulness for my own story. The service was a chance for me to get away. I haven't left North Platte since we moved here 3 months ago! Before I left, my children were hanging onto me & saying, "Please don't leave mommy! We want you to stay!" I knew I needed to go. And it was so good I did. 

All the ladies at the retreat received a beautiful wooden box labeled "Cherished Letters" on the outside. When I got home at 11 at night, all my family was asleep. I opened the box & found a letter inside from....the Mr.?!?! I read the letter. The Mr. acknowledged every good thing he felt about me, as a wife & a mom & a creative soul. I was in such shock & surprise. A warm feeling washed over me. It was a beautiful gift that I will keep forever. And I plan on reading it a lot. 
I climbed into bed that night & was so overwhelmed with how much I felt the kindness that day: The courtesy of a car ride, the blessings of being surrounded by other ladies in worship to the Lord, & the gratitude of a thankful Mr.
It is such an honor to feel this way & I'm tickled to be on the receiving end.

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