Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DAY 14 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

Every Wednesday the Mr. & I trade children in the afternoon. After school, the girls do their homework & have a snack & do any chores they might have around the house, plus their checklist of  To-Do's. Then, daddy comes home from work/church to pick one of them up. One of them gets to hang out with daddy for a few hours,  & I get to hang out with the other kiddo at home until we drive together downtown to join the rest of the fam for church.

Tonight it was my turn with Pazely. And, since I'm not feeling so hot lately, I decided to stay home from church. Pazely decided to stay home too & keep me company all night.
Pazely & I were looking forward to doing the activity we had been planning for the past few days: letter writing. She brought my letter writing box down from my bedroom & was so excited to look through it. She felt so amazed that she was allowed to choose any of my stationery or notecards to write letters with. She wrote a letter to her cousin, to her Mimi (my mom), & to her G.G. (my grandmother). And she felt like she hit the jackpot when she unearthed a hidden stash of my favorite stickers. So, naturally, each letter she wrote was half covered with stickers.

While penning thoughtful words to our loved ones, we watched "Say Yes to the Dress" Atlanta. Then she dressed herself up in all pink & white fanciness, complete with a new tiara I was gifted. She did her hair Pippi Longstocking style & told me that's how she is wearing her hair tomorrow. I'm so proud of her confidence, yet hid my giggles. (If she can pull it off tomorrow, then I really feel like she can accomplish anything in this world.) While I ate toast & applesauce, I heated up her dinner of our usual traditional Wednesday night: TV Dinners. While I made Thursday's school lunches for the girls early, she sang me all the verses to all the songs of her upcoming Christmas school musical. 
Being at home all day is not the worst thing ever, yet it really cramps my style with this whole "kindness act every day" thing. 

But my heart really just melted when, suddenly, Pazely stated, "Mom! I did one of those kindness things today." She explained that this morning daddy dropped her off at school, but not Zoey. (Zoey had an early appointment at the orthodontist.) Last night, Pazely & Zoey had filled out a bunch of paperwork for a school fundraiser they were participating in & they were supposed to be turned in THIS morning. The kids at school were told that if they turned in their paperwork by today's deadline, they'd get a rubber happy face ring that lit up. Well, Zoey wasn't going to be at school THIS morning due to her appointment at the orthodontist. Which meant she wouldn't get a prize. So, Pazely told me she took her sister's papers into the office so Zoey could get the ring. She said, "I didn't want to, I was kind of nervous. But I felt good after I did it."
Isn't that just so precious?

My heart is full of happy.

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  1. feel better honey...colitis is not a fun thing but hopefully it's only temporary! you're very fortunate to have Mr. there with you and the kids...wish i had that, waiting for God to put someone in my life! His time, not mine! Blessings~~


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