Thursday, November 15, 2012

DAY 15 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

 I finally got a good one in!!
After two days of resting on the couch in my little nest, it was time to get out & do some quick errands. Still feeling a bit of discomfort, I knew I couldn't be out long.
First, a trip to the post office to deliver orders from my etsy shop. (Can I just tell you how giddy it makes me feel to sell my knitted postcards? Totally a day brightener.)
Then, I had books to drop off at the library. (And fines to pay. Ugh.)
I knew I also wanted to make a "Finders! Keepers!" drop while at the library too, so I packaged up one of my bottle cap badges. 

I wrote up a quick tag to put with the badge. 
(I know, so un-creative & un-fun. I was in a hurry!)
But it was SUPER fun to make the drop & spread a little kindness!


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