Friday, November 16, 2012

DAY 16 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

At most Walmart's, I do believe, there is a Game Play Place Thingie. Never fails: every time I'm standing in line, waiting to make a purchase, the girls ALWAYS ask, "Mom! Do you have any quarters for the game play place?" And 9 times out of ten, I don't. Or I do, but I won't let them spend the quarters. (I'm a mean mom.) 
But I've been saving up my quarters.
Today when we were standing in line at Walmart, the girls were casually looking at all the tiny little merchandise on the shelves that appeals to their very age of peoples. Things like miniature flashlights & Polly Pockets. And plastic tubs full of wee Oreo cookies.
And by random surprise, I handed each of them 3 shiny quarters. They were ecstatic! 
The black rubber stretchy skeleton, the pink plastic teddy bear the size of my thumb, & the 2 failed attempts at the toy "claw" machine were worth every cent. Apparently. 


  1. Oh, and BTW, I DO hope you continue to heal...can't IMAGINE the nastiness you have been going through...Icky...


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