Monday, November 19, 2012

DAY 19 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

I got an iPhone today. Which meant I played Angry Birds, & facebooked, & took photos all evening, & face timed with the Mr. when he was upstairs & I was downstairs, & I texted my mom, & commanded Siri  (the electronic lady in my phone) to set my alarm, find a restaurant, sweep my floors, & search for words I couldn't spell. (She wouldn't sweep.) 
That's all I did all night.
If you've ever had a smartphone & then it broke & you had to resort to a dumb, stupid flip phone, then you know the pain I've been going through. I am a happy girl right now! The phones were a gift to the Mr. & I & I squeal every time I think about it.
Yet because of all this phone hullabaloo, I was a selfish brat today & didn't do one random kind thing.
I racked my brain to try & come up with something. Did I do anything good & random?
No, I couldn't think of one thing.
The end.

Seriously though, the giving project this month is making me learn a whole heckuva lot.
Giving takes effort. And sometimes I don't have effort.
But what I do have is Angry Birds. 


  1. I totally get the smart phone thing. I LUV LUV my iPhone.

  2. OOOOOOh and it's a 5. Officially jealous. I be angry birds is better on a 5 than a stinky year-old 4S. My bank account tells me to shut it. Have fun with it!!!


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