Friday, November 23, 2012

DAY 21 & 22 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

On Wednesday, while making a dreaded last minute ("day-before-Thanksgiving-am-I-crazy-or-what") trip to Walmart before heading out to Lincoln for a quick little couple days of fun with my Susan friend's family, I happened upon a lady in the parking lot putting her grocery bags into her vehicle. I kindly offered to take the cart for her. She replied, "That's one way to recycle!" Well, if she wishes to compare kindness to recycling, then so be it.

I had a GREAT Thanksgiving with the Mr. & the girls, & Susan, & her fam in Lincoln! Susan & I wandered the property on the farm, stopping to say hello to the cows, the horses, the cats, the dogs, the chickens & the roosters. We snapped oodles of goofy pics. We took jumpy photos until our legs hurt. We watched the fellas shooting guns for sport. We helped the ladies cook. We knitted & knitted & knitted. And then, as all the house was pretty much almost asleep at night, we looked into the kitchen & saw a GIANT mess of all the Thanksgiving dishes & pots & pans & tubs & plates & utensils all over the counters & stove. 
And we decided to clean it all up.

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