Sunday, November 4, 2012

DAY 4 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

Today was filled with church & naps & reading out loud to the girls.
It was a good day. A really good day actually. Our church honored the Mr. as Pastor {& our family} by having a potluck of yummy foods for all to eat, & then showered us with card$. I even got to wear a pretty 'lil corsage.
To be on the receiving end of thankfulness is a good thing too.

I hope my next attempt at today's Giving Thanks: Show & Tell is not a lame one. But I got nothing else, since I did practically spend all afternoon on the couch with the whole napping & reading bit.

I found a pin on Pinterest a couple days ago & thought it was just perfect. It's a list of "99 Things You Might Be Thankful for About Your Husband."
Click HERE to view it.
Every day I have sent the Mr. an email, expressing my gratitude to him. Email is our thing. I sure hope it makes him feel all happy & warm inside. Sometimes you can't tell with that guy. In fact, he replied back with some thankful things of his own, about me. I didn't ask or force him to at all. It was all on his own accord.
I plan on keeping this up for the month of November. It only takes a few seconds every day. And that list on Pinterest will help get you thinking. 
Of course, it won't include the things on MY list:
I am thankful for the way you are going to massage my feet tonight. Oh, you hadn't planned on doing that? Well, then, thank you for letting me splurge $500 on your credit card last week. It wasn't $500? It was $50!? Oops. I am grateful for the way you gently disregard an extra $450 charge on your Visa? Hee hee?

I'm totally joking. That is not a real scenario.
Happy giving! Thanks for showing & telling!

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