Monday, November 5, 2012

DAY 5 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

A while ago I set up a Wish List on I love being able to collect things I see, not only on Amazon, but from website all over, into one handy place. 
Did you know that if your friends set up a Wish List or a Registry on that you can search for them & buy them things from their list?

I noticed you can also gift someone a Pro flickr account too. (Flickr is a website where you can store your photos.) 
How about rummaging through someone's Etsy "favorites" & buying them something that you know they'll like.
Poke around Pinterest & find your friend's "MUST HAVE THIS NOW" board.
You get the idea.

I have wanted to shower someone with an unforeseen prezzie for a long time. So I did! (In most cases, you have to know the address of the recipient of course.)

So, go online & surprise someone with a giftie. 
Just because.
It's so much fun!!!!

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