Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DAY 6: Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

My girls have chores they are responsible for every week. In fact, I think they might have more chores than I did as a kid. The Mr. & I don't want to raise a couple of lazy bums. We want to teach them about instruction & responsibility & reward. And if you're a part of this family, it means teamwork & helping out.

One chore the girls have is to set the table & then pick up the dishes once the meal is finished. I decided to give them a break tonight, do the evening dishes myself, & count it as my kindness act for the day. Pazely even gave me a high-five after she found out she didn't have to set the table.

I know, I know. I need to get more creative with my acts of kindness. I need to get out more!! But even the littles deserve a bit of kindness. And, besides, a tiny high-five from the 8 year old makes me feel AWESOME!


  1. you're such a good & fun mama!!! they'll probably remember you serving them even more than others. way to leave a mark!

  2. Trying to implement chores here. My oldest is 6. How do u do it in your house? Have a chart? Chore wheel for the week? Advice? Somedays I forget or get so rushed etc

    Regular reader in Darwin Australia


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