Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DAY 7 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

The very first day of my Giving Thanks: Show & Tell series, I tried to go through the Starbucks drive-thru & purchase the order of the unknowing vehicle behind me. But there ended up being NOBODY behind me. How sad. 

I thought I would try again today. I asked the Mr. to go with me. I wanted him to experience the fun too! Susan & I had a BLAST when we drove through a McDonald's somewhere in Colorado & purchased the cheeseburger & medium soda for the car behind us.

But, somehow, on this morning, it kind of turned into a big hassle. I think it had to do with the fact that the Mr. wanted our purchase to go on his Starbucks card, but his funds were low, so I kindly loaded his card with a few more bucks. (Hey, really, that's 2 "acts" in one day. haha!) And then the Starbucks drive-thru girl got all flustered because we wanted to pay for the car behind us & for some reason that took an eon. And then she had trouble hearing us, so she kept leaning out of the drive-thru window & taking her headset off, squinting her eyes to listen to what the Mr. was saying. (I think squinting your eyes helps you hear better.) It would have been so much more simple if she could have just pushed the "kindness" button on her touch-screen register. 
I was totally waiting for the car behind us to start honking & yelling. They deserved the free coffee that was coming to them. In fact, we should have thrown in a free pumpkin scone too.

Oh well. It's done now. I'm learning that kindness isn't always so simple. But if it ends up with a warm cup of coffee in the hands of a stranger on a chilly day, then it's worth it.

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