Thursday, November 8, 2012

DAY 8 Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

The fam & I went out for ice cream right before dinner. That's how we roll. And, random: Miss Nebraska 2012 was in line in front of us at Cold Stone Creamery.
Anyway, we decided to invite a gentlemen from church over for dinner. His wife was out of town & we thought we'd extend the offer of spaghetti & garlic bread & salad his way.
And so that was our act of kindness for the day.
For dessert, the Mr. brought home a Holly Jolly Peppermint cake. Pazely held the holly decorations above Zoey's head, thinking it was mistletoe.
The girls were extra hyper. (Why does that always happen when guests come over?!)
It was a lovely evening of visiting & it just made me happy to know that our guest didn't have to eat oatmeal alone. Or Ramen noodles. Or whatever it is that guy's eat when their partners aren't home.

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