Friday, November 2, 2012

Giving Thanks: Show & Tell

It's the month of November. The month of thankfulness aplenty & gratitude galore.
In year's past, I have participated in November's theme of thankfulness by posting something on my blog every day that I'm thankful for.
The thanks part is easy. But this season, along with celebrating thankfulness for all that I have, I am making a conscious effort to keep alert for all that I can GIVE as well.
Every day this month I'm going to commit a Random Act of Kindness.
I may recycle some acts of kindness from my 37th Birthday Trip earlier this year. But I will definitely come up with some new ones— & involve my girls, who are anxious to participate.

If you'd like to join along in Giving Thanks: Show & Tell, simply: give. (That's the Show part.) And then please share your demonstrations of kindness & thankfulness here, in each day's blog post. (That's the Tell part.)

Be creative in your giving. Think outside the box.
I promise your heart will swell with gladness.
I can't wait to be inspired by all of your goodness.


  1. What LOVELY idea! We will participate here in East Tennessee, once we are all feeling better...

  2. Hi Nikki-

    Love this idea!
    Good, good stuff- thanks for sharing it :)


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